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Chuckie Egg - A game of skill for 1 to 4 players

BBC 32K Chuckie Egg
(YouTube video courtesy of SentinelProxima)
Who'd have thought a country farmyard could be so stressful? Guide your man, Hen House Harry, around his hen house to pick up a dozen eggs on each level. Collect as much corn from each screen as you can (for bonus points), in the shortest possible time, without being pecked to death by the crazy hens. Watch out when the daft mother duck is let loose from the cage on level 9, causing Harry real trouble. You control your man using four direction keys and a jump key.
Harry starts with five lives, but an extra life is awarded every 10,000 points.

FAQ - I need a Chuckie Egg fix, right NOW! Where do I go?!

FAQ - I need a Chuckie Apple fix, right NOW! Where do I go?!

Gameplayers' Acclaim for Chuckie Egg

"Just let me try and beat this ***** bird     PLEASE !!!!!!!!!"
Jim of Harrogate north-yorks , uk
Big up the 'egg!
"One of my very first memories is playing this game of sheer brilliance. Big up the 'egg!"
Lloyd 12:28 28 Nov 2000
Scrambled Eggs
"I used to play this game when I was supposed to be doing my homework,now I'm playing it when I'm supposed to be working nearly 15 years later! Life is just one big wheel and Chuckie Egg is the blinding white centre!"
Mike 11:18 3 Apr 2001
GamesDomain: The Ian Bell Interview
"... my favourite game ever is "Chuckie Egg" on the BBC. I can't remember who wrote it and technically it was poor but it was such fun to play once you knew what you were doing."
Ian Bell (co-author of the legendary Elite) Aug 1995
Stairway To Hell software: games forum :: The best BBC game ever? topic
"Chuckie Egg still just about takes the biscuit as the most playable game ever anywhere on anything. Graphics weren't too hot, animation poor, sound and music OK but the thing played like a dream."
Peter Scott (prolific BBC micro coder, conversion master and author of Audiogenic's Thunderstruck trilogy) 21 Feb 2007

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Retro Gamer #63 - Best Spectrum Platformer Of All Time Hot Topic Poll Results: May 2009

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The BBC Games Archive Battle Of The Games: Christmas 2000

Latest News

07/01/2019 - Updated the History page to slightly clarify that The Micro User / Electron User subscriber offers were a distinct cassette of their own and not remainder stock from A'n'F as previously implied. Also, here's a long-over due link: since May 2016, The Collection Chamber - a site hosting one gamer's pick of hidden gems - has offered Chuckie Egg Collection, which includes a fairly detailed comparison and review of a number of CE official releases.
02/01/2019 - Oops. Did someone turn off the lights? Yes, we were offline for a long period - but we're back, baby!
20/10/2014 - Added pages for the short-lived Amazon Kindle Fire / Kindle Fire HD and Apple iOS Universal releases from Elite Systems.
03/10/2014 - Added a retro remake entry for John Owens' Chucky Egg 3D for Net Yaroze from way back in '02.
01/10/2014 - Added a page on Elite Systems' ZX Spectrum: Elite Collection for Microsoft Windows RT as well as a work-in-progress link to last year's Kindle Fire versions of Chuckie Egg in the Amazon Appstore for Android. Also updated Richard Rose's Chuckie Egg for PSP overview and added a new one for the new PSP port of CE from Insoft, which boasts some great new graphics.
29/09/2014 - Updated the FAQ to link to Mark Lomas' native SDL and Windows ports and made a small update to the EggStatic entry, including links to forum topics describing the development.

UPDATE: Way back in May 2007, we warned visitors not to purchase the version of CE which was being offered for sale at chuckie-egg.co.uk, as it was almost certainly someone cashing in by reselling the freely available Chuckie Egg for Windows port from Mike Elson. It appears whoever runs the site has, after seven years, finally given up on trying to turn a profit off Mike's hard work and is now providing the binary-only download directly. We've confirmed that the download is, at time of writing, an unmodified copy of the last official release, which has long been freely available from this very site along with its source code, ever since Mike's last Chuckie Egg for Windows website expired. Despite the welcome change of heart, don't quite believe everything you read on that site - it shouldn't take a CE professional long to figure out that as important and playable as Mike's version is, it is not accurate down "to the very last pixel" and was never designed to be so. That said, it sounds like good news to us.

Finally, German YouTube user Theshadowsnose has recently uploaded the latest in his Let's Compare series of videos, which are published on Fridays throughout the summer. In this episode, he evaluates a few of the original Chuckie Egg releases in his own unique style (mind the bad language!). We reckon he's been a bit harsh on the C64 version which is only running slowly in the video as he picked the lowest skill level to play, but it's always interesting to hear a fresh perspective. In a similar vein, we'll also draw attention to Alex Reeves (aka Roly)'s blog post from 2012 comparing the original SPECTRUM 48K and BBC 32K releases over at retrogames!now. We reckon he might not be quite as impartial as serious CE fans might hope - but it's an interesting comparison nevertheless. ;)
21/09/2014 - A few updates to the Merchandise page, including links showing where to find CE smartphone cases.
14/09/2014 - Long overdue, we've finally compiled a new disc image called Chuckie Egg XT for the BBC Micro which contains the best modern new features applied directly to the executable. Perfect for competition play! Link added to the Hacks and Upgrades page. Every CE Pro should have this.
12/09/2014 - Got a grand burning a hole in your back pocket? Well, you could always pick up a limited edition Chuckie Egg artist proof or collectors' print signed by Nigel Alderton from Elite Systems. Link added to the Merchandise page.
19/08/2014 - Someone challenged us to find Chuckie Egg for the HP TouchPad. Easy! Here's Chuckie Egg for the HP TouchPad, Palm Pre 2 and Blackberry PlayBook! Also added links to new Martin Holland tribute and Nigel Alderton interview.
17/08/2014 - Finally got round to adding information on Rob Edwards' Chuckie Egg 2013 update to his own remake from 2006. Long overdue!
16/08/2014 - Confirmed that the Tatung Einstein release has no loading screen, and added a bit more info. Added pin button badge to Merchandise page.
13/02/2014 - Added information on two Scratch 1.4 Chuckie Egg-inspired projects.
03/02/2014 - Replaced the YouTube video above, and fixed the site to work with our spiffing new domain alias www.chuckie-egg.org.
21/02/2013 - Added a scan of Iain Lee's retrocolumn from Retro Gamer magazine Issue 112 to the press page, sent in by regular contributor, Pitfall Jones. Thanks, PJ!
22/11/2012 - Bit late reporting this, but 8th November saw the release of a retro gaming special edition, issue 250, of the free weekly men's lifestyle magazine ShortList which featured a Chuckie Egg front cover that, through the use of the Blippar smartphone app, can be made 3D interactive and lets you play a fairly lazy mobile version of Chuckie Egg. The implementation is disappointingly poor - the gameplay is terrible, level designs are barely recognisable, whilst most of the graphics are from the Spectrum release but the Harry sprite is from the BBC 32K port! Blippar recorded 229,178 unique "blipps" of the issue from over 50,000 individual readers. More info on the promotion here and some statistics on how successful the partnership was here. You can test it out by installing the Blippar app from your device's app store (Android Play Store, iOS App Store) and then use it to scan this cover image.

Blippar ShortList magazine
12/09/2012 - Added a brand new ATARI ST map for the 16-bit version of Chuckie Egg II (Choccy Egg) to the Gameplay page, contributed by the self-confessed massive CE fan, Ego Trip. Wonderfully detailed and a great resource for both ATARI ST and AMIGA players. Thanks, Ego Trip!
26/08/2012 - Added Raspberry Pi, Pandora information and an entry for Bootlegger's Chuckie Egg Clone for GBA, along with general updates to the rest of the Retro Remakes page.
23/08/2012 - Added compact Atom layout screenshots to the Levels page.
06/07/2012 - Added Windows binaries and a source code patch file, courtesy of Phil Ashby, for Paul Brook's authentic clone of BBC 32K Chuckie Egg to the Retro Remakes page.
05/07/2012 - Added Paul Brook's authentic clone of BBC 32K Chuckie Egg for Linux to the Retro Remakes page.
02/04/2012 - WARNING: Eagle-eyed Chuckie Egg collectors may have been surprised last Thursday when an item was listed on eBay UK that was described as "Very Rare!!!!!!". Here at Chuckie Egg Towers, we'd certainly never seen the like before. However, equally as mysteriously, and despite the four bids already placed, the 3-day auction was prematurely ended less than 36 hours later and the seller failed to respond to questions on the subject. Well, with a bit of online research and after hearing from some retro game-selling friends in the field, we're fairly certain that the seller (retro-robust)'s claim that it was recently re-discovered with a number of other old Spectrum titles and, although not tested recently, it "did work then" is unlikely to be true. We think the listed item was actually of relatively modern origins and was never an A&F approved product, released in the 80s. The reason neither we or the good archival folks over at World of Spectrum have ever heard of SPECTRUM 48K Chuckie Egg in Microdrive format before, is quite simply because it never existed. That said, so long as you know that what your bidding on is a modern, unofficial fan-made mock-up, it actually looks like quite a well-made new creation judging from the published photo. However, if the same item is re-listed again, just don't bid on it thinking you've landed an ultra-rare hitherto undiscovered official item. ;)

Fake Spectrum Microdrive Chuckie Egg
05/03/2012 - Added a minor update to Ste Cork's interview, who dropped by to update us with his latest views on the digital distribution platform Steam.
11/01/2012 - Added details about a 2009 Windows retro remake by Scott 'slashnburn' Griffiths.
11/01/2012 - Happy New Year, Chuckie Egg fans! A brief first update of the year, is an updated Merchandise page with a new entry for a SPECTRUM 48K Chuckie Egg ceramic tile.
29/11/2011 - Finally added a ZX Spectrum: Elite Collection (Vol. 1) page, describing Elite Systems' Spectrum emulator, which allows Apple iPhone, iPod and iPad users to play the original Spectrum Chuckie Egg. It's official, but does it count as a fully-fledged new port? You decide ... A link has also been added to the FAQ, and the History page has been updated.
13/09/2011 - Mark Gilmour produced a rather fantastic isometric 3D view of Chuckie Egg level 7, which has been added to the Downloads page.
05/08/2011 - It's fantastic to be able to reveal two awesome new ports of CE, Atomic Chuckie Egg and Anaglyphic 3D Chuckie Egg. The first is a new brand port by Kees van Oss to the only Acorn machine which until now has never received a native port of CE. The other is a remake with a twist from Pitfall Jones, the talented developer who brought us the first playable version of Chuckie Apple. It applies an anaglyphic sterescopic 3D effect to CE, which requires a pair of glasses with two lenses that are chromatically opposite colours. It's well worth digging out your old Jaws 3-D specs! Both titles were unveiled at the Homebrew Coding Geekend, a part of the In Da 80s event held at the Lass O'Gowrie pub in Manchester, on 16th - 17th July 2011.
21/07/2011 - Fraser of the *./STH forums sent word about Popular Computing Weekly Vol. 4 No. 27 from way back in 4-10 July 1985, which he's discovered has some rather useful advice for tackling level 32 of the Electron version of Chuckie Egg on, coincidentally, page 32 - Tony Kendle's Arcade Avenue column. Thanks for the tip, Fraser!
12/07/2011 - Updated Merchandise page with information on a SPECTRUM 48K Chuckie Egg mug.
28/06/2011 - Updated Chuckie Egg SDL Port for PSP on the Retro Remakes page.
23/06/2011 - Updated T-shirts and added a new one to the Merchandise page. Added a new port to the Uzebox by Pitfall Jones to the Retro Remakes page.
22/06/2011 - Added three new T-shirts and added news that Ste Cork's OverKill is now freeware to the Merchandise page.
10/06/2011 - A small update to the Levels page to show which hens are introduced from level 25.
03/07/2010 - We've recently unearthed a hitherto unknown contributor to the 16-bit Amiga and Atari ST releases of CE. Graphic artist Neil Thompson has kindly provided us with an exclusive interview about his time at Icon Design. The History page has also been updated.
09/03/2010 - More shame for the site, as we have to update the CHUKEE description on the Hacks & Upgrades page, along with screenshots from the unmodified cassette version and not the hacked disc image. Also added a link for the Nigel Alderton interview from Retro Gamer magazine #40 that is now hosted online by NowGamer. Finally, we added a link to the popular CE Facebook group.
02/03/2010 - Shamefully, it's taken until today for us to write up Mark Lomas' triple port of Chuckie Egg that we linked last year, to Dynamic HTML, SDL and Windows. In our defence we weren't sure what else needed to be said - the GPL source code available for download here should be a real boon for anyone wanting to create a new port for a modern platform, the articles describing his efforts are well worth reading and, finally, he's produced ports of Chuckie Egg worthy of vying for the titles of both best online and offline Chuckie Egg. Much respect. He's earned a mention on the History page. Updated the FAQ including a new question to point prospective new CE porters to Mark's site. Also slightly modified the description of Michael Foot's Chuckie Egg for RISC OS.
01/03/2010 - General site tidying up today, working around the nasty IE6 CSS. Added Elite Systems' 3D Prototype Models to the Downloads page. Added some references to a couple of older Amiga interviews with Gaz Murfin to the Authors page. Announced Category #3: Modern PC winner of the 2006 Implementation Challenge. Included entries for Chuckie Egg for Cybiko, Chuckie Egg SDL Port for PSP, FatSeagal's Chuckie Egg 2 - Redux and Harry's Hen House for the Atari 7800 on the Retro Remakes & Unofficial Ports page. Added two new T-shirts to the Merchandise page. Updated some of the Links descriptions.
28/02/2010 - Finally got round to adding information on Chuckie Egg 2009 for the Electron to the Hacks & Upgrades page. This is a great release from The Organ Grinder's Monkey, which is now the recommended package for anyone wanting to create new levels for either the BBC 32K or ELECTRON releases. Also added more information to the History page about the development of the J2ME and Android releases.
22/02/2010 - Done a little work on the horrible CSS throughout the site that was hacked to work with IE 6, but looks bad with modern browsers. Hopefully, it should look OK now on most browsers, if not actually nice. Finally got round to adding information about the latest official release of Chuckie Egg for Android, including an exclusive interview with the port's coder, Gaz Murfin. Updated the information on the Authors and J2ME pages, now that the timeline and history behind the J2ME port has become a little clearer.
04/02/2010 - To explain the recent outage - after nearly a decade of faithful service, the 16 year old Pentium 75 web server that has brought you The Chuckie Egg Professional's Resource Kit finally succumbed to a power glitch yesterday. The site is now back up on enterprise grade hosting, thanks to a friendly ISP. Of all the souls I have encountered, it's was ... the most. Human.

The late Chuckie Egg Professional's Resource Kit webserver
20/01/2010 - The Chuckie Egg for Windows website is currently offline. Whilst we eagerly await it's return, we have mirrored the Windows installer and source code from the latest version, 1.1.
22/08/2009 - Wow! Here's some big news. We've finally tracked down a disk image for the Enterprise 128 port of Chuckie Egg. We're still not convinced that this was a proper official release with packaging (contact us if you can help with that!) - as the Enterprise was home of many unofficial Spectrum fan ports - it's very similar to the Spectrum release, but contains a few tell-tale differences. Check it out!
30/04/2009 - New this year is Mark Lomas' excellent site documenting his work on re-implementing the original BBC Micro release as close to perfectly as possible on modern platforms. This includes DHTML Chuckie Egg for use direct from modern web browsers (includes a level designer!), and two new native ports - one for Windows and one for SDL that should compile under Linux. The source, based on Michael Foot's Risc OS version, is available under GPL and the progress has been exceptionally well documented in a series of interesting articles on the site. If you have any interest in playing a faithful version of CE on modern platforms or even porting it yourself, this site is now essential reading! In other news, GroovyBee of the AtariAge forums recently revealed his work in progress Harry's Hen House , a tribute to Chuckie Egg for the Atari 7800.
In time to mark the 25th anniversary of Chuckie Egg, Pitfall Jones has stepped forward with his fantastic Windows interpretation of Chuckie Apple. We've played it, and we love it! It's evolved from the original design document, as games have a tendency to do, so it's not a 100% strict implementation - there are plenty of surprises and it's all the better for it! Happy 25th Anniversary, Chuckie Egg fans! Now it's time to see what might have been, if the fates had transpired slightly differently over two decades ago ... !
09/09/2008 - Matt White (aka FatSeagal, author of the recent Chuckie Egg 2 remake) stopped by to let us know he's taking up the Chuckie Apple Implementation Challenge, for this year's Retro Remakes Competition 2008. Future progress updates can be found in the competition forum. Harry's already starting to look good:

FatSeagal's Chuckie Apple Harry
31/06/2008 - Added screenshots from Tom Walker's (sadly abandoned) attempt at a Windows port of Chuckie Apple.
29/07/2008 - Another unofficial Chuckie Egg T-shirt, from Weekend Gamer, is added to the Merchandise page. Also added information on Christopher Duffen's Chuckie Egg The New Batch remake from 2004, GamesForge's Chuckie Egg for Flash and more recently FatSeagal's Chuckie Egg 2 remake, from the Retro Remakes forums. Smila and Stu Ovine began working on another CE2 remake earlier this year, but put it on hold as FatSeagal's version was coming on so well.
29/06/2008 - Added another unofficial Chuckie Egg T-shirt, this time from revolution-shirtz, to the Merchandise page, along with a men's sleeveless tee from RetroGamer.
16/06/2008 - Added three really cool 3D desktop wallpapers to the Downloads page, courtesy of talented visitor Martin Bastable.
26/02/2008 - Added a scan of The Micro User free CE offer for subscribers to the Adverts page and modified the History page to include it. Also added references to The Making Of... Chuckie Egg article, published in last August's Retro Gamer magazine, to the Authors and Press pages, as well as the newly-expanded History page. Updated Retro Remakes pages with some info on the development of Mike Elson's classic DirectX Chuckie Egg remake.
25/02/2008 - As you probably well know, we've been back for a while. Apologies for the longer-than-anticipated downtime which was due to our beloved national telecoms company, who managed to mess up our internet connection. Anyway, we're back now and have added a DOS remake released last year, Chuckie Eggs the remake for PC by Jozsef 'Joco' Laszlo as well as a SPECTRUM 48K CE review by Eurogamer to the Press page. Neil Crutchlow has also announced, due to popular demand, the addition of a new section where you can register and compare your score/level achievements with other users of his Flash port of Chuckie Egg, see how far you got prevously and level skip to get back there. Finally, there's a small promotional image update to the J2ME page. There's still some more bits to tidy up after our absence, so we'll be back soon.
12/08/2007 - OK. The Chuckie Egg Professional's Resource Kit has a temporary new home, courtesy of the fantabulous Venura, whilst we're moving Chuckie Egg Towers to better quarters on campus. This might take a couple of months, and unfortunately the dynamic comment (forums, polls etc.) will be disabled until we get back. No updates for a while, but we have some plans for when we get back! See you shortly.
17/06/2007 - Added a new story to the History page, courtesy of Sean Townsend. Added new quotation from Peter Scott to front page.
01/06/2007 - The Message Board and Polls are finally working again! Added some links to the History page, updated the GP2X and J2ME MIDP2.0 retro remake entries and added a new retro review to the Press page - the May issue of the re-launched Retro Gamer magazine saw Chuckie Egg come in at number 8 in the top 25 platformers of all time, as voted for by Retro Gamer readers. The front page has now gone Web 2.0 with a Youtube video (animated gif moved to downloads page) and, finally, what do you get if you cross a BBC Model B and a brand new Epson LCD projector? Chuckie Egg as nature intended!
31/05/2007 - WARNING!!! It's been brought to our attention that there is a new website on the block. Unfortunately, it looks like chuckie-egg.co.uk has been setup with the sole purpose of illegally re-selling Mike Elson's Chuckie Egg for Windows which is, of course, still freely available. If this is the case, this is a breach of both the original copyright, as well as a blatant cash-in on Mike's hard work. We recommend you do NOT purchase Chuckie Egg for the PC from either this site, or from any of the dubious eBay sellers who appear to be offering the same thing on Buy It Now. If you have already purchased CE in either of these ways, get in touch and let us know if it really is Mike Elson's version, as the screenshots imply.
30/05/2007 - Finally got round to updating the Advertisements page - added some better quality scans and more ads.
20/05/2007 - OK, it's been far too long, but we have a number of updates coming over the next few days. We'll start with news that Alan Gorton aka Gunston has been in touch, to provide us with a sneak YouTube preview of his upcoming Chuckie X release, a Microsoft XNA clone of Chuckie Egg, for Windows and the X-Box 360! According to Alan, the graphics are faithful but scaled up slightly for HD screens and he intends to provide the source code too. It's looking pretty awesome, already ... Alan's Chuckie Egg history goes back somewhat further than this release, however - his brother was also an old school-mate of Sean Townsend. It's a small world ...
There's also been an error correction on the Acorn Electron entry, and lots of information on A&F's war on software piracy added to the History, as well as some further info on Mike Webb, who we've apparently lost touch with since his initial contact. :/ Mike, if you ever pop back here, please try getting in touch again!
On better news, guess who else also got in touch? Sean Townsend ... :) Check out our email interview with the C64 CE guru.
30/10/2006 - Well, it's taken over seven months ;) but James 'hamster' Ryan has finally dug out the hi-res version of his COMMODORE CM64 Map which was three years old when we first heard about it! Anyway, we're glad to welcome it to a permanent home, where it's already settled in and has replaced the lo-res version on the Game Play page. Thanks, James - that just leaves the Amstrad, Amiga and Atari ST versions left to be mapped ... anyone? :)
21/10/2006 - Thanks go to Jo of relative newcomer site BBC educational games, for providing two different releases of BBC 32K CE cassettes. We're steadily building up a complete collection and will eventually include packaging scans for all CE releases. Many thanks for the donation!
01/10/2006 - Added info on Neil Crutchlow's GP2X remake of the BBC 32K release of Chuckie Egg.
12/08/2006 - Added a cover scan for Space Panic to the A&F Releases page and a link to Kevin Adam's Cash Dash, a new set of custom graphics for Mike Elson's DirectX Chuckie Egg. Also added CPC Oxygen to the Links page.
11/08/2006 - Finally! Our second world exclusive - the recently unearthed design for the unreleased sequel to Chuckie Egg, from the original Spectrum author Nigel Alderton. If that wasn't enough, we're also celebrating the scoop with the launch of a competition to anyone foolhardy enough to implement it!
21/06/2006 - Added info on Neil Crutchlow's Flash port of the BBC 32K release of Chuckie Egg.
22/05/2006 - Michael Foot has announced on usenet that a new update to his Chuckie Egg for RISC OS is available courtesy of Alan Buckley, which adds support for RISC OS 5.xx and the higher resolution screen modes on the Iyonix as well as adding the option to use outline fonts for the text. This new 1.04 version will still run on older Acorn hardware as well but requires RISC OS 3.6 or above.
05/05/2006 - MESS 0.104b added support for the Acorn Electron so it's now possible to run the Electron release of Chuckie Egg natively, instead of loading it into the BBC Micro driver.
28/04/2006 - Added more info to the entry on Egg - The Upgrade on the Hacks and Upgrades page.
24/04/2006 - Added limited information to a new page on the CE2 Launch Competition. Contact us, if you can share more info!
23/04/2006 - Added a new t-shirt to the Merchandise page, links to a C64 emulator to play CE and CE2 online and links to the homepages of a couple of the authors listed on the Hacks and Upgrades page. Updated site and Resource Kit with Electron User Group EUG #21, July 1995 cheat.
19/04/2006 - Here's a cool link - in 2001, Chuckie Egg was the subject of a scientific study into the effectiveness of emulation as a digital preservation strategy.
17/04/2006 - Happy Easter! A special treat for all you CE fans - Rob Edwards has released his own Chuckie Egg Remake.
13/04/2006 - Added a new t-shirt to the Merchandise page.
09/04/2006 - Added more information on two Spectrum CE editors - the CHUCKIE EGG EDITOR from Daniel Smith, Mercury Software and the Chuckie Egg Editor Pack from Mulder to Hacks and Upgrades.
05/04/2006 - Another update, another missing Chuckie Egg file. This time it's Ian Price's Div Chuckie Egg which has gone AWOL. It was released to div-arena.com a couple of years ago but is now missing in action. Let us know, if you have any clues.
26/03/2006 - Added couple of new screenshots for Chuckie Designer from P&M Software to Hacks and Upgrades page. Updated Resource Kit with new user-friendly image of BBC 32K extra colours loader disk image, and cleared out duplicate BBC micro disk images.
25/03/2006 - Updated Amstrad cheats and added link to AA issue which included CE on the covermount cassette. Also added AA's CE review to Press page.
19/03/2006 - Updated C64 cheats and added description of known bug for C64 CE 2. Also added C64 CE 2 walkthrough from ZZAP! 64.
22/11/2005 - Some broken links fixed, quotation from Ian Bell added along with more information to the retro remakes page.
30/08/2005 - Added a new response from Nigel Alderton as part of our exclusive interview.
15/08/2005 - Added information on EggStatic, a new OpenGL / DirectX 8 Windows retro remake which was commercially released less than a fortnight ago by Edo Broekman (free demo available with 8 levels & 8 training levels). As well as being crammed with new features, this release is particularly notable as it contains an implementation of the popularly mis-remembered second duck (a hawk, in this remake), that has a different speed and acceleration to the first.
26/06/2005 - Having started with the last Chuckie Egg coder of the 80s, we're going back to the beginning, with the first part of our exclusive interview with the original author of the SPECTRUM 48K release of Chuckie Egg, Nigel Alderton! It's a small start, but hopefully we'll be adding more shortly.
09/06/2005 - After the recent source code scare, Mike Elson renewed development on his Chuckie Egg for Windows remake and has just released the long-anticipated 1.1 version. It's time to upgrade, everyone!
26/04/2005 - The source code for Mike Elson's Chuckie Egg for Windows has been traced, courtesy of tuppe666 of the happypenguin.org forums. We're pleased to announce that Mike will soon be reunited with the source code and it can be expected to be available from his site shortly. Many thanks to all those who got in contact over the past few weeks - your help was greatly appreciated. Hurrah!! Call off the search parties!
14/04/2005 - Mike Elson's DirectX Chuckie Egg site has been relaunched as Chuckie Egg for Windows. Sadly, the source code is still missing (see below).
12/04/2005 - URGENT REQUEST!!! It is with regret that we have to report Mike Elson's DirectX Chuckie Egg site has been lost. The biggest loss, it transpires, has been the DirectX Chuckie Egg source code which may have been lost permanently with the unexpected demise of the site. This site's authors have been in contact with Mike, with the result that most of the rest of the site should soon return at a different site, sans the source code.

      http://www.gershwin.force9.co.uk/chuckie/source/chuckie_source.zip      19-mar-1999 21:01   166k

We're making every effort to trace this file and still have a few irons in the fire but, so far, the outlook is bleak. :(
28/11/2004 - More new coverage for Chuckie Egg as it gets a mention in the recently published PC Action Emulate! special edition magazine.
24/10/2004 - Read their review, as Chuckie Egg reaches number 28 in Retro Gamer magazine's top 100 games as voted for by the readers. Presumably, with a +/-27 margin of error ...
16/10/2004 - Welcome to the first version of the site. Our major exclusive for launch is the official PC (CGA/EGA/TGA) version, created during the days of Lothlorien, released under the Pick & Choose label and which is now available here for download for the first time ever on the internet (as far as we know)! Somewhat coincidentally, we've also managed to successfully track down the chief coder of that same port, Ste Cork, who we've taken back down memory lane ...