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Release Factoids

Author: Pitfall Jones
Year of Release: 2011
Publishing Label: A&F Software / The Chuckie Egg Professional's Resource Kit
Default Keys: Up ' or Cursor Up   Down / or Cursor Down   Left z or Cursor Left   Right x or Cursor Right   Jump Enter or Space

Other keys:
F1 - increase window size
F2 - decrease window size
F4 - toggle DirectX rendering on/off (disabled)
F5 - toggle between full-colour, white and greyscale colour method
Tab - toggle between full-screen and window

Title screen:
Left or Right - select number of players
d - change sprites' anaglyphic 3D depths
k - redefine keys
s or Jump or Fire - start game
Esc - exit game

Attract / demo mode:
Left or Right - select number of players
Up or Down - skip attract mode screen up / down
s or Jump or Fire - return to title screen

In game:
j - toggle joystick on/off (actually, this doesn't appear to do anything but beep!)
q - skip level down (if -cheat command line option was used)
w - skip level up (if -cheat command line option was used)
Esc - pause/quit current game and return to title screen
Joystick Supported: Yes
Command line options:

-f start game full-screen
-reset change keys and depths to default values
-cheat enable level skip
-dx enable DirectX rendering

Anaglyphic 3D Chuckie Egg - Tue 12 July 2011 (V0.95)
Notes: A fantastically inventive new remake with a twist from the talented developer who brought us the first playable version of Chuckie Apple. After many years of seeing mostly unfinished efforts to bring Chuckie Egg into the third dimension, it's great to see a fully completed CE 3D remake that approaches the problem quite differently to previous attempts by other coders to use 3D polygons to apply a Super Mario 64 type perspective. This title was first unveiled to a popular public reception alongside Atomic Chuckie Egg at the Homebrew Coding Geekend, a part of the In Da 80s event held at the Lass O'Gowrie pub in Manchester, on 16th - 17th July 2011.
This remake uses an anaglyphic [Wikipedia] technique to apply a sterescopic 3D effect to the original platformer. Each of the sprites can be altered to varying depths of the screen to match the player's personal preferences. The application of anaglyphic 3D to movies and TV programmes was popular throughout the 80s and therefore is a wonderfully appropriate technique to apply to Chuckie Egg. It requires a pair of glasses with two lenses that are different (usually chromatically opposite) colours, such as red and cyan - these are still commonly available on eBay for very little cost. The game's graphics are made up of two colour layers, superimposed, but offset with respect to each other in order to produce the depth effect.
The game itself, based on the code from Mike Elson's classic Windows port is a reasonable PC implementation of the original BBC Micro release. Like Mike's original port, it is by no means an attempt to be a 100% identical clone so physics purists will pick up immediately on the slight gameplay variations but it's close enough to retain the enjoyable Chuckie Egg gameplay. It's highly recommended that players enter the depth menu before starting the game to tweak the display to their individual preference. If this is done correctly, the game itself can be played for fairly extended periods of time without any discomfort - a customisation luxury that wasn't available to movie-goers in the 80s watching big screen titles such as Jaws 3-D [Wikipedia]!
The game stores its configuration options in the Windows registry. To find these entries, search for the key name "Chegg3D".

Anaglyphic 3D Chuckie Egg Screenshot 7

Anaglyphic 3D Chuckie Egg Early Development Screenshot

     Screenshot from early development build showing yellow colour method

Change Log

Tue 12 July 2011 (V0.95)
- Walk sound tweaked.
- Removed 60hz setting.

Mon 11 July 2011 (V0.94)
- Fall sound tweaked.
- Save file remembers colour mode.

Sun 03 July 2011 (V0.93)
- -60 switch for 60 Hz.
- New icon.
- Saves colour mode to registry.
- Walking off lifts fixed.
- Coloured by default.

Sat 25 June 2011 (V0.92)
- 60 Hz

Sat 25 June 2011 (V0.92)
- Squirm!

Fri 24 June 2011 (V0.91)
- -cheat option.
- -dx option.
- Swan start position on level 4 fixed.
- Level remembers previous state.
- UK key symbols on redefine page.
- Depth menu uses level 3.
- Stop movement when last egg collected.
- Level 3 - fall thru lift.
- Depth control keys always work.
- DirectX key removed.
- Menu swaps with hiscore.

Mon 20 June 2011 (V0.9)
- Three alternative colour methods on F5,F6,F7.
- Hiscore cleaned up.
- Up ladder and jumping sound fix.
- Sounds all remade.
- More Instructions added to mainmenu.

Fri 17 June 2011 (V0.8)
- Depth menu finished.
- Key menu finished.
- Settings are loaded and saved.
- Game Over cleaned up.
- Pause cleaned up.
- -reset and -f command line options.

Wed 15 June 2011 (V0.7)
- 0xC0 Key goes up - UK keyboard.
- Key names in key menu.

Tue 14 June 2011 (V0.6)
- Key menu.
- Depth Menu.
- Swans don't slide.
- Swans eat seed.
- Joystick fire button changed.
- Number of players fixed.

Sun 12 June 2011 (V0.5)
- Sounds fixed.
- Player animation frames fixed.
- Swan start positions fixed.
- Compiled as FINAL.

Tue 07 June 2011 (V0.4)
- Font, pause and title page in 3D.
- Centered sprites - stopped overdraw.
- Inverse numbers in panel fixed.

Fri 03 June 2011 (V0.3)
- Title logo fixed.
- Ladder depth = 6.

Sat 28 May 2011 (V0.2)
- Posted!
- Sounds broken.

Fri 31 Dec 2010
- Started!