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Implementation Challenge

Having been hidden in an attic for over 20 years, we're as keen as anyone to actually play Chuckie Apple. To that end, we thought we'd reward any coder willing to take on the challenge of converting the design into a finished, playable game. There is no time limit for entries to each of three categories - it's first come, first serve. In the unlikely event that multiple entries are submitted at the same time, our own panel of judges will compare and declare the winner.
1) BBC Micro Model B
2) Spectrum 48K
3) Modern PC (preferably cross-platform but Win32 minimum) - Winner announced!
There are no large sponsors behind this site, so the prize is a little more unique. The winner of each category will receive a copy of The Chuckie Egg Professional's Resource Kit Bootable CD and an original Spectrum release cassette personally signed by the original author, Nigel! Send us an email with a link to your entry. Note that although our categories cover the most popular platforms, submissions from other platforms will also be considered for a prize.
Creative Commons License

The design for Chuckie Apple and all related images are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 2.5 License.
Chuckie Apple © 1983 - 2006 Nigel Alderton
Category #3: Modern PC winner: Pitfall Jones' Chuckie Apple for Windows: CE 25th Anniversary Release
It's here - the first fully playable version of Chuckie Apple!
Pitfall Jones' Chuckie Apple Teaser
Tom Walker's abandoned Windows version of Chuckie Apple
Here are a couple of screenshots of a Windows attempt at Chuckie Apple started by Tom Walker.

"The first is what the game actually shows when you run it. As you can see, there's not much game there yet... The second is cropped + edited to show what the game might _actually_ look like!"

Sadly, Tom has had to side-line the project due to other commitments. Looks cool, tho!
Tom W's abandoned Chuckie Apple
Tom W's abandoned Chuckie Apple