Pitfall Jones' Chuckie Apple for Windows
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Chuckie Apple for Windows: CE 25th Anniversary Release

This year, 2008, is the 25th Anniversary of the seminal classic, Chuckie Egg. It's also been three years since this site first published the original design plans for the never-completed sequel, as originally planned by Spectrum author Nigel Alderton. To that end, it's somewhat fitting that this is the year, we're finally able to release a playable version of Chuckie Apple, which has also been awarded the Category #3: Modern PC winner of our competition.
Pitfall Jones has recently delivered to us, his unique 60Hz Windows interpretation of Nigel's original design for Chuckie Apple.
"Like you I think Chuckie Egg is one of the best games ever written.
I think apart from how it's quite hard to get killed (compared to other games) and the great collision, it's the simple graphics and the sound that makes it a such a good game. So I imported all those features into this version of Chuckie Apple.

Here's a bit of fun - I even have it running on the psp!"
Chuckie Apple - V1.0. Fri 14 November 2008
V1.0 Thu 13 November 2008
V0.95 Wed 12 November 2008
V0.94 Tue 11 November 2008
V0.93 Mon 10 November 2008
V0.92 Mon 10 November 2008
V0.91 Sun 9 November 2008
V0.9 Sat 8 November 2008
V0.8 Thu 6 November 2008
V0.7 Tue 4 November 2008
V0.6 Tue 4 November 2008
V0.5 Sat 1 November 2008
V0.4 Wed 29 October 2008
V0.3 Tue 28 October 2008
V0.2 Sun 26 October 2008
V0.1 Fri 24 October 2008
Sept 23rd 2008 - starting from Tom Walker's mockup screenshot.
Palette & Apple Test Tue 4 November 2008

Simply download the archive, extract and run the executable.
The keys are:
ESC - quit and pause
TAB - full screen
F1 - screen larger
F2 - screen smaller
move and fire:  Cursors and spacebar   or z;x;/;quote return
pressing 'J' will enable and disable the joystick. A message
will appear at the bottom of the screen - the game works better
with an analog stick.
"I deliberately made the game use fat bbc pixels and one color sprites to keep it in the style of the BBC original - 8 colours 160 x 256 etc. Other alterations from the design doc were made iteratively as I tried to get the game working - I had experimented with several different ways of how the game plays but what I've come up with seemed to be the best result - I can only say that's the difference between an idea and actual execution - sometimes ideas panout.

I tried the lower speed thing but it didn't feel as nice - also the repeating sound would slow down and it introduced collision issues. (At the moment I change the tone of the sound the more apples you have - which I find a sort of satisfying feedback).

I have this theory that retro games are fun because of their inherent simpicity. (limited mechanic, graphics and sound).

Regarding the graphics, I intend - sometime in the future - to do a square pixel 'spectrum like' version because that will translate far better to work on the DS and GBA . (The DS actually has the same resolution as the spectrum at 256x192). That will also enable me to offer an enhanced graphic version that uses graphics based on the gameboy color version of Chuckie Egg."
PJ's Chuckie Apple Development History
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Pitfall Jones' Chuckie Apple
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Pitfall Jones' Chuckie Apple