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Chuckie Egg

Not everything documented below is applicable to all of the Chuckie Egg implementations. Most of the basic skills can be used in the majority of Chuckie Egg releases, but some of the more complicated techniques may not have made it into other ports. All of them have been confirmed to work on the original BBC 32K release.


Climb Ladder
Climb Ladder 1  Climb Ladder 2  Climb Ladder 3
Beginners often find climbing ladders can be tricky, spending inordinately long periods of time stepping left and right at the foot of a ladder, trying to get Harry in just the right position to let him climb the ladder. The simple trick is to run towards the ladder and hold the Up or Down key. Harry will then immediately start climbing as soon as he reaches it and you can then release the direction key.
Jump On Ladder
Jump On Ladder 1  Jump On Ladder 2  Jump On Ladder 3
An obvious but important skill - by jumping, and holding Up or Down whilst passing a ladder, Harry will catch hold of the ladder and start climbing up or down. This is essential for two reasons - jumping on to a ladder and climbing up is marginally faster than running to the base and climbing up and also because Harry can be made to perform huge leaps off platforms and catch himself instead of falling, which can be useful.
Drop Down Ladder
Drop Down Ladder 1  Drop Down Ladder 2
When climbing a ladder normally, it can be far quicker to reach the foot of the ladder if Harry jumps straight up whilst on the ladder. Harry will let go of the ladder, jump up and then drop straight down which can be faster than climbing down, depending upon the height involved. This technique also allows Harry to drop off the bottom of ladders which have no platform at their base, like those found in levels four to seven.


Double Height Ladder Jump
Double Height Ladder Jump 1  Double Height Ladder Jump 2  Double Height Ladder Jump 3  Double Height Ladder Jump 4
Harry can jump double his usual height by pushing off a ladder. Jump towards the ladder and hold Up (or Down), Jump and the appropriate direction key simultaneously. When Harry reaches the ladder he will kick off it, and jump even higher, past the ladder. This isn't the most useful technique but it should be in the arsenal of any serious Chuckie Egg Professional.
Side Climb Ladder
Side Climb 1  Side Climb 2  Side Climb 3  Side Climb 4  Side Climb 5
An important skill to master, Harry can climb up ladders side-ways if you jump towards it and hold Up (or, bizarrely, Down) and Jump simultaneously. This technique is useful not only as it looks cool, but also because it makes it more accurate when jumping back off the ladder by just pressing Left or Right, as appropriate. It also ensures Harry stays at maximum speed when climbing a broken ladder, by making the jump automatically, instead of you having to perform the jump manually and then catch the ladder.
Hide From The Duck
Hide From The Duck 1  Hide From The Duck 2  Hide From The Duck 3
It is possible on some releases to hide from the duck by standing as close as possible to the edge of the screen, on either side. This is only a temporary respite, obviously, and at some point Harry must wait for the Duck to bounce away and drop slightly. Then, Harry can jump over the Duck's head to continue the hunt for eggs.
Set Pieces (Level 3 set piece animated GIF courtesy of Tom Newman's Tantric Eggs site)
Tantric Eggs Chuckie Egg Set Piece Level 3
Most Chuckie Egg high scorers rely on memorised set pieces for the various levels. As the hens and duck will always follow the same route, providing Harry performs the same actions, it is possible to plan out a successful route which can be relied upon to complete a level without losing a life. Of course, over-reliance on this technique will cause major problems if an alternative set of screens, such as those provided with the various CE hacks and upgrades, is attempted. According to his interview, original SPECTRUM 48K author Nigel Alderton was aware of this tactic and had hoped to disrupt a player's set pieces by "breaking" or removing ladders entirely on later levels. Pressure from A&F to get the game on the shelves curtailed a number of features including this, however.


The Bounce (bounces detailed from BBC 32K version, click individual screenshots to view full size image)
The Bounce BBC 32K 1  The Bounce BBC 32K 2  The Bounce BBC 32K 3  The Bounce BBC 32K 4
The Bounce BBC 32K 5  The Bounce BBC 32K 6  The Bounce BBC 32K 7  The Bounce BBC 32K 8
A cool technique which, depending on where he jumps from, sees Harry rebounding against the sides of platforms or even the unseen sides of the screen as he falls, to either the left or the right instead of dropping vertically as expected. As Harry's bouncing is consistent, you can be sure that once you've made a successful bounce, the same thing will happen if you jump from the same spot again. There are particular handy uses for this behaviour on levels 4, 5 and 8. None of the Chuckie Egg releases have exactly identical physics engines so a bounce which works for say the BBC 32K release should not be expected to automatically work even on the almost identical AMSTRAD release. The examples above are not exhaustive, but show some of the more interesting bounces possible in the BBC 32K version.
Fall Through Lift
Fall Through Lift 1  Fall Through Lift 2  Fall Through Lift 3  Fall Through Lift 4  Fall Through Lift 5
Only available on the BBC 32K release, this skill is not well known but can prove handy in specific situations. Staying on a lift until it reaches the top of the screen ordinarily will kill Harry but if, as he reaches the top, you hold down the Jump key, he will drop through the top lift and land on the one rising up from below. This can be handy when when waiting for hens to follow a pattern out of the way, or can even be used to avoid the flying duck, when timed correctly.

Chuckie Egg 2 (Choccy Egg)

SPECTRUM 48K Map (created by Arttu Ilmari Ylarakkola for Pavel Plíva's ZX-Spectrum Maps archive. GIF also available.)
Chuckie Egg 2 (Choccy Egg) SPECTRUM 48K Map
SPECTRUM 48K Walkthrough (published in Hex's Hack Free Zone, Your Sinclair magazine: June 1986, Issue 6)
Graham Duke of Sowerby Bridge, West Yorkshire ... has this to say about Chuckie Egg II. Picture, if you will, the enormous map he sent me. A block of 120 squares, with A, B, C, D... to L down the side and the numbers 1 to 10 along the top. Now let square A1 be the top left hand corner. Geddit? Nope. Well, try drawing your own grid if you can't wrap your optics round this explanation. Now, over to you Graham (Your Grace).
"Take the Bone from B1 and give it to the dog at A2. Go to the milk screens and put all eight bottles of milk into the Milk Vat at D3. When they're all in, it reads full. Then go to the cocoa screens and put all eight sacks of cocoa in the Cocoa Vat at F1. Then put all eight sugar sacks into the Sugar Vat at K10.
"Next you must go for the toy screens and put eight sections into the Toy Maker at J5. You'll then see the completed toy. Turn on the Generator at L5 by flicking the switch at the top of the screen, activating a green light. To get back up to L9 go to K9 and take the small ladders then go back down to K9. Next go to L8 and place the ladders on the small brick then climb up. Go back to the Toy Maker and take the toy up to E8, the Egg Maker. Put the toy in it. The only way to get there is along the Train Track, so watch out for the train if you switched the Power on. Once you've put the toy at E8 the Egg should appear on the other side.
"You must go all round screens E9, D9, C9, C8, C7, D7, E7, get the egg and go all the way back. Next, you have to take the egg to Dispatch at L1. And then you do the whole hokey-cokey all over again!"
What! Gee, thanks Dook.
COMMODORE CM64 Map - hi-res version (created by James 'hamster' Ryan, 10 March 2003, and announced on the & lemon64 forums)
Chuckie Egg 2 (Choccy Egg) COMMODORE CM64 Map
COMMODORE CM64 Tips (excerpt from tips published in ZZAP! 64 Issue 30, October 1987. ZZAP! TIPS, page 59)
Mrs Baron, Bushney Heath, Hertfordshire has achieved a score of 20,941,800 and has decided to share her profound knowledge of the game's workings.
Before any items are collected, make sure that the Generator is on and working. When the generator is ticking over, the train moves along, allowing ... [Harry] to go above the railway line. Walk up the chain where the train used to be, travel five screens to the right by pressing the up and right keys until you see a ladder in the top right hand corner of the screen. Climb it and continue.
If ... [Harry] can't go above the line and is forced left as he enters the 'Beware of the Chocolate Monster' screen, your tape has a bug and no further progress can be made. Mrs Baron spent a year complaining loudly to A'n'F, who finally sent her a new copy. Continue if you're lucky enough to be able to. Collect milk, sugar and cocoa and deposit them in their respective vats - then make the toy. If ... [Harry] deposits this after collecting it, it automatically becomes incorporated in the egg. Take the egg to despatch and you've just about finished your task - all you have left to do is make an infinite amount of eggs.
Chuckie Egg 2 (Choccy Egg) The Toy! 1  Chuckie Egg 2 (Choccy Egg) The Toy! 2  Chuckie Egg 2 (Choccy Egg) The Toy! 3  Chuckie Egg 2 (Choccy Egg) The Toy! 4
After the first motorbike toy, there are three other, different, toys used to create the easter eggs. After that, the same toys loop round again. Speccy Spoilers, the Sinclair ZX Spectrum game endings archive, contains snapshots for both Chuckie Egg and Chuckie Egg 2 (Choccy Egg). The RZX Archive on the other hand has a complete walk-through of Chuckie Egg 2 (Choccy Egg) which can be played back over approximately six hours, using Spectrum emulators that support the format.
A common gameplay frustration in Chuckie Egg 2 (Choccy Egg) involves the pipes which Harry appears to fall through, to his death, seemingly at random. The secret to avoiding this occurence, is to press the 'Up' key at the same time as Harry walks over them.
- Editor's Note 17/05/2005
ATARI ST Map (created by Ego Trip, September 2012)
Chuckie Egg II (Choccy Egg) ATARI ST Map