High Scores

The Roll of Chuckie Egg Professionals

Chuckie Egg High Scores
  1   001000 Catherine
  2   001000 Helen
  3   001000 Una
  4   001000 Carol
  5   001000 Kate
  6   001000 Iris
  7   001000 Elaine
  8   001000 Elizabeth
  9   001000 Geraldine
10   001000 Gail
It has been suggested many times that this site should collate a set of high scores tables for the variants of Chuckie Egg. Interestingly enough, this was a planned feature right up until launch. However, the final conclusion is that this is really beyond the scope of this site. Any such feats should rightly be recorded by the most well-known electronic games referee, Twin Galaxies - the collators of the Official Video Game and Pinball Book of World Records, the industry's official record book. This will ensure the scores are correctly verified as well as being properly recorded for posterity. (Note: Twin Galaxies will not host scores for unofficial remakes. Mike Elson hosts a Hall of Fame for his DirectX Chuckie Egg remake and there is also a forum in this site's Message Board where you can post unverified Chuckie Egg related claims to fame for any of the official and unofficial variants.)
The official world Chuckie Egg high scores including the World Records
You can find the complete, official, list of Chuckie Egg high scores at Twin Galaxies here.
At the time of writing there are NO official scores listed, which means with a bit of effort YOU could be the first official world record holder for any of the official releases!
Attaining Chuckie Egg Professional status
Anyone listed in the Twin Galaxies tables automatically earns the right to claim themselves a Chuckie Egg Professional.
As it would be a little unfair, however, to only allow the top players of each release in the world to be considered Chuckie Egg Professionals, it seems prudent to set a reasonable limit for this title. This could be to either reach a certain level or score. The initial bar for this goal has been set at Level 41. Therefore, if you can reach Level 41 on any official release of Chuckie Egg, you have earned the right to call yourself a Chuckie Egg Professional. Note: this goal is subject to change. Please feedback through the contact page your thoughts on whether this goal is too easy or too difficult, and any further suggestions you might have. When someone gets round to it, we will add a badge to the Downloads page which you can use to proudly proclaim your new status alongside your Order of Elite award.