CHUCKIE EGG: Tatung Einstein
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Release Factoids

Format: Tatung Einstein
Author: Mike Webb of A&F
Year of Release: 1984
Publishing Label: Einsoft
Default Keys: Up Q   Down A   Left O   Right P   Jump SPACE
Joystick Supported: No
Cheats or POKEs: If you redefine the keys to Left - Z, Right - X and Jump - Enter, hold them all down at the same time - along with whatever you selected for up and down - during play to skip to the next level.
Emulator: MESS - Tatung Einstein TC-01 driver
BIOS images required:
Tatung Einstein TC-01 driver: [CRC32 #B3398CD8]
Emulator Platform-Specific Usage Instructions:
Install MESS and The Chuckie Egg Professional's Resource Kit.
Load the games.dsk disk image from the Resource Kit into the MESS Tatung Einstein TC-01 driver. The disk will automatically boot. At the 0: menu prompt, press F3 (which is mapped to the Tatung Einstein's F2 key) to load Chuckie Egg.
Notes: None
Review: Almost identical to the MSX 32K release, it is colourful with slightly fuzzy graphics that suffer slightly from colour clashes. Whilst Harry's sprite looks great, the hens appear quite dull in comparison. Everything moves nicely and the sound effects do the job. Generally captures the spirit of Chuckie Egg pretty well. This is also the only official Chuckie Egg disk release (as the official PC port never appears to have been actually released) which means it loads almost instantaneously, has no loading screen and allows you to save (press F0) and load (press F1) the high score table to/from disk. In addition, the Tatung Eistein release has unique Einsoft packaging with a wholly original cover artwork depicting a very aggressive cock tackling Harry, as opposed to the usual boot crushing a hen's eggs design used by every release published directly by A&F.